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Lindsay Lohan Graphics

: icons, headers, etc.

Lindsay Lohan Graphics: icons, headers, etc.
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


LINDSAY ICONS is now officially open! Please join so you can post your graphics. Remember to read over the rules as follows:
1. To post your Lindsay Lohan graphics in this community, you have to be a MEMBER. Non-members are not allowed to post. Entries can be locked or for everyone but will be MODERATED.
2. Can posts have fake cuts? Yes, but I will require a minimum of at least 3 Lindsay Lohan graphics for your post to be approved. If you have more than 3 icons, please use an LJ cut.
3. Absolutely no bashing of other members or their graphics. I will ban you the minute you do so.
4. Credit depends on the maker. But please try to promote this comm as much as you can!
5. We will still have official makers as listed in the INFO page. The privilege in becoming one is that your entries are unmoderated.
5. Do not post offensive comments toward other members. If you do so, you will be BANNED.
6. Suggestions are always welcome. We value our members highly.

under_the_pink Bea // MOD / Maker
murphyslawve Amanda // CO-MOD / Maker
loveyouhuns Nicole // Maker
stayxclassy Sarah // Maker
ellielove_x3 Ellie // Maker
coutureisqueen Kristen // Maker
Want to be one of us? Apply HERE.

Denied membership? That only means you don't know how to CREDIT PROPERLY. Please do it right, makers all have the right to have their work credited.:D

As for now, please go and visit these lovely affiliates:
_paranoidicons showgirldesigns lindsay_loh lovexdrunk all_graphics true_diamonds socialxscene pooleparty only_spiceicons serpentcouture edensflowers oh_les_filles nuitdediamants
Want to become an affiliate of the newly re-vamped Lindsay icons? Click HERE to become one! I only accept graphic communities.

all graphics by: under_the_pink
user info header by: catalitically
layout codes by: snubbly

New members are always love! Stick these to your userinfo to help us gain more members.&hearts

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide